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About Us

PODSTHETICS cases are for the AirPod user who values aesthetics and good quality products. For the daring individual who dares to be different, I have carefully selected and crafted a collection of cases designed to make a statement on your timeline, whilst protecting your pods.
Started and founded by my sheer curiosity and frustration with lack of stylish cases, I felt that the lack of fashionable accessories meant many AirPods users sacrificed style for protection. I saw a gap in the market to give people a chance to be fashionable with their accessories and have something trend worthy to post about whilst ensuring their AirPods were still intact.
With over 35,000 likes, on Twitter MY CASES had created a viral moment, the phase, "The Only Birkin I can afford" was born and made me want to create even more affordable fashionable AirPods cases for everyone to enjoy.
I have since launched many more amazing cases for different aesthetics, vibes, feeds and individuals! it is important for each of my customers to be able to express their individuality their own way and so whether you're a fashionista, anime lover, or cuddly bear collectors there are so many different cases to choose from.
I aim to continue to support other small businesses and being a black owned business, it is important that I give back to my community and help support organisations and individuals that help to create equal opportunity to people within marginalised communities so when you shop with me your money is also going to supporting these causes!
I hope you will enjoy shopping with me and know that...
WITH PODSTHETICS your accessories shouldn't just do the basics, but ALWAYS stand out and create a viral moment! ✨