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Metal Dust Guard Sticker

Metal Dust Guard Sticker - PODSTHETICS

Metal Dust Guard Sticker

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Metal Dust Guard Stickers

A stylish way to prevent dust build up in the inner interior of your AirPods and offer further protection to your cases!


✨  Anti - Dust protection preventing iron dust build up in the interior and rust longterm

✨  Easy installation and removal with high-quality adhesive sticker application

✨  Ultra-thin, easy to apply and metal film ensures protection, unlike the thick and bulky metal material alternatives out there, that leave scratches, are difficult to remove and can prevent the case fully closing, wasting precious battery life.

✨  Stickers for either AirPods 1/2 or AirPods Pro models!

✨  Made from high-quality, long-lasting materials that are oil Proof and waterproof material and easy to clean.

✨  5 stylish colours for you to choose from, so your AirPods look lit, in and out!